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Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Fast Infill Challenge

Ever wondered how fast it would take a nail tech to infill a set on acrylics? Well our very own Kirsty had set herself the challenge when one of her models came in with SIX WEEKS growth on her nails. 

But there is a twist, Kirsty also challenges you, that's right YOU to beat her timing. But the nails can't be lumpy and bumpy, they have to be nice, refined and smooth. 

So, first things first Kirsty has laid out everything she needs to use and all the products she is using are all from Naio Nails and she has her High Speed Liquid, dappen dish, Cutile Pusher, Nippers, Brush, Liquid, Powder, File, Gel Res, Cuticle Oil and Top Coat and the Electric File.

And most importantly, you need your timer. 

So firstly, Kirsty pushes the cuticles down and then electric files the gel polish off. She then uses a hand file to blend the acrylic into the natural nail, take the surface shine away off the natural nail and straighten up the edges. 

Next she cleans the nails up using Gel Res and then Primes and Dehydrates the nails. 

Now she can apply the product, she uses a beige polymer. After she applies the product, she then tidies up the free edge whilst the product is setting and then she will file the cuticle area. 

When filing the cuticle area, you MUST use a hand file and not a white block and after you have hand filed the cuticle area you can then use a white block. 

Clean the nails up using Acetone which will make them nice and smooth and then apply the top coat and cure it. 


After the top coat has been cured, pop some cuticle oil on and...


Full service infills
Use an LED lamp not UV. 

All products used in the video are available online and instore.