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Friday, 10 March 2017

Christian Louboutin Nails 

How gorgeous are Louboutins? I can guarantee that every girl in the entire world either wants a pair or owns a pair of these classic timeless shoes. 

Well imagine wearing a pair of these beautiful shoes on your nails, yes that's right your nails! How Exciting. 

In a series of videos, Kirsty shows you how to recreate the shoes on your nails. 

Kirsty uses a range of products in the video and all are available instore and online. 

Firstly, Kristy uses a clear tip and cuts it to length and files it making sure that the side walls are straight and then shapes it into a very classy almond shape - a classy shape for a classy design. 

Tip: when choosing a shape, chose accordingly to your design. If you are having a funky design go for a funky design. 

Kirsty then uses a gorgeous super bright red colour, just like the underneath of a Louboutin from the Urban Graffiti collection in Kiss Me Quick. She applies 2 coats to the tip only. 

When Kirsty applies the Acrylic, she uses a lovely Warm Natural Beige and Max Adhesion. She uses a large bead and spreads it over the nail and tip so it covers the red. 

After the acrylic has set, Kirsty files the nail so it is lovely and neat and then she paints over the nail in a beautiful nude colour from the Urban Graffiti collection called In The Buff. 

The finished nails consist of three nude and two black.

Nail Art   

For the next part, Kirsty does a range of designs on each nail to represent a design of Christian Louboutin. 

For the first design, Kirsty does the shoe print logo on one of the nude nails. To create this, Kirsty uses a detail brush, Kiss Me Quick Gel Polish. She paints two teardrops and then uses a black gel polish to frame the nail. 

Framing a nail makes your nail look thinner and different. 

For the second design, Kirsty uses Red Polycolor Acrylic Paint to create the Christian Louboutin signature. 

The third and fourth design are the same except one is black and the other is nude. She does a matte top coat and then uses a dotting tool and Mega-Gloss to create the stud effect. 

Now for the last nail, Kirsty does something totally adventurous and uses actual studs for the nails. She uses a clear acrylic so the spiked studs will stick down and stay stuck and then she applies two more and at the tip she applies a small gem. 

These nails are to DIE for just like the shoes! check out the videos on YouTube!