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Tuesday, 2 May 2017

How to Strengthen Natural Nails with an Acrylic Overlay💅

Isn't just so annoying when one of your nails just snaps because you have soft or brittle nails, well worry no more Kirsty has got us covered and is going to show us how to strengthen our natural nails with an acrylic overlay.   

As you can see in the video the nail model has a lot of white marks on her nails, this is due to the fact that she does so much with her hands. Well, there is no need to worry now because I am going to show you how to make them nice and strong. 💪

Kirsty starts by pushing back the cuticles and then gently buff the nail to remove the surface shine. Now that the nail is prepped and ready, I start by using Cameo as it is one of the pale pinks, I am going to apply Cameo at the end of nail because we want the nail to look natural, and obviously the end of the nail is a lot paler to the rest of the nail. 

Now I am going to do a thin layer using the Cameo just blending it out into the nail. Now with just a little bit of Warm Beige, I apply a very thin layer of it on the nail. Now I have done that I am going to go over the top of the nail with Dramatic Pink. The Dramatic Pink is transparent, but it has got a nice pink hue to it. 

The best thing about doing an acrylic overlay is that you can create a deeper C curve. You can add a nice colour gel polish on top or you can just go for the natural look and apply a top coat using our Urban Graffiti Top Coat. 

All of the products used in this video are available on  our website: