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Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Ever wondered ho nail techs do their own nails? You know how much of a struggle it is to do your own nails - especially the left hand (or right hand if your left handed). So imagine how HARD it is to do acrylics with your non dominant hand. In the video the very talented Kirsty shows you how she does it and she is using the incredible Naio Nails products.  

In the video, Kirsty uses some amazing glitters from the Stardust collection by Beauty Boulevard in Babylon Zoo and Supernova which can be used on your face, hair, skin and NAILS! She also uses Purple Reign from the Glitter Lips collection. These glitters are absolutely amazing and are so vividly bright. 

Next we see Kirsty prepping the nail using a Multi-function C-Curve Pinching Tool which is pretty awesome. It has THREE amazing uses in one easy to use accessory. So no more losing tools or swapping and changing tools all the time. Use the pinching tool to create the perfect C-Curve for your nails. On the opposite end of the multi-function tool is a cuticle pusher. Turn this over and use it as a scraper. Available in Steel or the very funky multi-coloured Titanium as seen in the video. She also uses a white 4 sided sanding buffing block, essential for the preparation of the natural nail when finishing and smoothing overlay. 

After prepping the nails, we see Kirsty putting clear tips onto her nails. The clear tips are perfect for creating acrylic nails. Kirsty then uses the pinching tool on the tips to give them the gorgeous curved edge and then cuts them down to size. She then primes twice and then uses High Speed Liquid and a gorgeous Natural Beige Acrylic Powder on the thumb and pinky fingers nail bed. She then files to smileline so its all level and symmetrical. 

Now for the really fun bit - GLITTER TIME!! For the first nail she applies a thin layer of clear nail polish so the glitter doesn't stain the nail. On this first nail she does a purple and green ombre using the Vivid Violet at the tip and brushing downwards and applying it thin and wet. The Vivid Violet has a super strong pigment. And for the other colour so we have an obmre, Kirsty uses the metallic
green and then encases it. For the next nail shes use some of the Stardust collection glitter in Supernova and Babylon Things. Then for the next nail she uses a glitter called Sea Gems and puts that along the contact area and she uses Passion Purple at the tip and uses a glitter called Sugar Plum Sparkle over the top. For the last two nails, Kirsty uses a Pure Clear Paws towards the smileline and Sea Gems at the tip. 

For the final bit, Kirsty uses a white block to finish and smooth the nails over and then uses the absolutely amazing Mega-Gloss to top the nails leaving them gorgeously sparkly and shiny. She then applies the Mirror Chrome to the ombre nails and this will look incredible as you will see then ombre more and then seals it over with the Mega-Gloss finish. 

All the products used in the video are available online or instore!