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Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Full Bling Nail with Mirror Chrome Base 

You can never go wrong with a bit of bling to jazz up an outfit and it doesn't come as a surprise that Kirsty does a Full Bling Nail with Mirror Chrome Base. Its is super easy to do and can be done on a natural nail as well as an acrylic.

In this video she does this nail art design on a natural nail and it looks absolutely fabulous to say the least. 

She uses a range of products from the wonderful Naio Nails. 

Kirsty teaches you how to prep the nail first by pushing the non living tissue away from the nail and then makes sure the nail is straight by filing it and lastly, to finish prepping the nail, she wipes over with a Lint Free Wipe and Gel Residue Residue Remover. 

Next, she uses Urban Graffiti Base Coat and you want a nice thin layer and make sure to cap the edges and then obviously you will need to cure it (1 Min LED or 2 Mins UV). After applying the Base Coat, Kirsty applies the Urban Graffiti Top Coat, you can't risk missing a bit of the nail because the Mirror Chrome won't stick. 

You can do this over Glitter Gel Polish or Glitter but Kirsty has decided to use our amazing Super Mirror Chrome, its super shiny and just looks absolutely gorgeous. She uses a tiny amount of this and then spreads all over the nail and you can see how a little goes such a long way and it looks stunning. Top Coat it and then cure it. 

What Kirsty does now is she uses the Sculpture Gel, this is super thick and she applies to the full nail and this will add strength to the nail and then use the Urban Graffiti Top Coat but don't cure it as that layer will adhere the stones. 

When applying the stones, you should put the larger stones in the middle and work your way out with the smaller stones. Then makes sure that none of the stones are hanging over and clean over with Gel Residue Remover to clean the nail and removes the mirror chrome from the finger.  

And now you should have a beautiful, sparkly nail that is just so full of bling. Its a perfect statement nail. 

All products can be found online and instore.