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Thursday, 30 March 2017

✨Competition Winner✨ 

So we have done something really exciting here at Naio Nails, we have our lovely competition winner Jodie with us and she won a 1-2-1 tuition session with Kirsty. 
Jodie is a newly qualified nail technician so what better way to kick off her new career than a 1-2-1 session with the amazingly talented Kirsty?! 

In the video, Kirsty does one nail and gives tips and instruction on how to create and structure the nail to a professional standard not just for Jodie but for you at home. 

In the session, Kirsty teaches Jodie how to structure and create a simple nail using our amazing Naio Nails products and Jodie tells you how amazing our products are and we couldn't agree more!

Kirsty shows Jodie how to apply a tip that has no well properly and uses a clear tip and uses our Warm Beige Acrylic Powder and Natural Beige Acrylic Powder to create the nail. 

After Kirsty has shown Jodie and you how to create the nail it's now Jodie's turn. Kirsty guides Jodie as she does the nail. 

If you're thinking 'how LUCKY is she?!' then get subscribing to our YouTube channel for your chance to win! This time we have an iPad Air 2 up for grabs so get SUBSCRIBING!!

All products used are available online and instore. 

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Competition Winner - 2 Hour Nail 1-2-1 Tuition with Kirsty Part 1

πŸ’…πŸ’„Extreme Sports with Nails and Make-UpπŸ’„πŸ’…

Do you love extreme sports but also love having your nails and make-up done too? Feel like you can't wear make-up and nails whilst doing sports? Well Kirsty has put her own nails and make-up to the test and went skiing to see if her waterproof eye make-up and false eyelashes stayed put as well as her beautiful nails. 

So in sunny Stoke-on-Trent where it rains a few times a day, Kirsty and Adam head to the dry ski-slope to test her make-up and nails out. 

Kirsty has used Naio Nails products on her nails and all these products are available in-store and online, she tests the nails by testing their durability on the likes of the pole that pulls you up to the top of the slope and Kirsty doesn't break a nail when she falls over πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ but the nails stay intact proving that Naio Nails products are absolutely amazing! 

In the process of Kirsty testing her nails, she was also testing her eye make-up and false eyelashes, she used a different type of liquid eyeliner on each eye to test their durability and if they actually stay put and they did. 

So all in all, you can wear long false nails and make-up and false eyelashes when you go to the gym and take part in extreme and non-extreme sports. 

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

The Perfect Mother's Day Nails Using Acrylic


We all know that Mother's Day is just around the corner, so if you are stuck on what to buy her then what better way to treat and pamper your mum to a set of beautiful mothers day inspired nails?! 

In the video Kirsty uses the Intense Pink Acrylic Powder to create two little love hearts and then covers the nail in Mega White Acrylic Powder. It doesn't matter if the Mega White goes over the little hearts, you can easy file over the Mega White to reveal the hearts. Then file and shape the nail. 

Now it's time for the nail art, Kirsty uses the gorgeous Urban Graffiti Gel Polishes in 
White - A0001
Light Green - F0548 - New Gel Polish coming soon
Pink - A0701
Sparkly - A0922

To make the cute little roses, Kirsty starts off by using the greens to make the little leaves and then uses the white and pink blobs in between the leaves and mixes them into each other. Kirsty repeats this on another nail and then cures the nails and uses the Urban Graffiti Top Coat on them. 

And how gorgeous are they?! Go on, treat your lovely mum to a even lovelier set of nails that she will be happy to show off. 

All products used can be found online and instore.

Full Bling Nail with Mirror Chrome Base 

You can never go wrong with a bit of bling to jazz up an outfit and it doesn't come as a surprise that Kirsty does a Full Bling Nail with Mirror Chrome Base. Its is super easy to do and can be done on a natural nail as well as an acrylic.

In this video she does this nail art design on a natural nail and it looks absolutely fabulous to say the least. 

She uses a range of products from the wonderful Naio Nails. 

Kirsty teaches you how to prep the nail first by pushing the non living tissue away from the nail and then makes sure the nail is straight by filing it and lastly, to finish prepping the nail, she wipes over with a Lint Free Wipe and Gel Residue Residue Remover. 

Next, she uses Urban Graffiti Base Coat and you want a nice thin layer and make sure to cap the edges and then obviously you will need to cure it (1 Min LED or 2 Mins UV). After applying the Base Coat, Kirsty applies the Urban Graffiti Top Coat, you can't risk missing a bit of the nail because the Mirror Chrome won't stick. 

You can do this over Glitter Gel Polish or Glitter but Kirsty has decided to use our amazing Super Mirror Chrome, its super shiny and just looks absolutely gorgeous. She uses a tiny amount of this and then spreads all over the nail and you can see how a little goes such a long way and it looks stunning. Top Coat it and then cure it. 

What Kirsty does now is she uses the Sculpture Gel, this is super thick and she applies to the full nail and this will add strength to the nail and then use the Urban Graffiti Top Coat but don't cure it as that layer will adhere the stones. 

When applying the stones, you should put the larger stones in the middle and work your way out with the smaller stones. Then makes sure that none of the stones are hanging over and clean over with Gel Residue Remover to clean the nail and removes the mirror chrome from the finger.  

And now you should have a beautiful, sparkly nail that is just so full of bling. Its a perfect statement nail. 

All products can be found online and instore.  

Friday, 10 March 2017

How to Make a Unicorn Horn Nail with Gel Polish

Christian Louboutin Nails 

How gorgeous are Louboutins? I can guarantee that every girl in the entire world either wants a pair or owns a pair of these classic timeless shoes. 

Well imagine wearing a pair of these beautiful shoes on your nails, yes that's right your nails! How Exciting. 

In a series of videos, Kirsty shows you how to recreate the shoes on your nails. 

Kirsty uses a range of products in the video and all are available instore and online. 

Firstly, Kristy uses a clear tip and cuts it to length and files it making sure that the side walls are straight and then shapes it into a very classy almond shape - a classy shape for a classy design. 

Tip: when choosing a shape, chose accordingly to your design. If you are having a funky design go for a funky design. 

Kirsty then uses a gorgeous super bright red colour, just like the underneath of a Louboutin from the Urban Graffiti collection in Kiss Me Quick. She applies 2 coats to the tip only. 

When Kirsty applies the Acrylic, she uses a lovely Warm Natural Beige and Max Adhesion. She uses a large bead and spreads it over the nail and tip so it covers the red. 

After the acrylic has set, Kirsty files the nail so it is lovely and neat and then she paints over the nail in a beautiful nude colour from the Urban Graffiti collection called In The Buff. 

The finished nails consist of three nude and two black.

Nail Art   

For the next part, Kirsty does a range of designs on each nail to represent a design of Christian Louboutin. 

For the first design, Kirsty does the shoe print logo on one of the nude nails. To create this, Kirsty uses a detail brush, Kiss Me Quick Gel Polish. She paints two teardrops and then uses a black gel polish to frame the nail. 

Framing a nail makes your nail look thinner and different. 

For the second design, Kirsty uses Red Polycolor Acrylic Paint to create the Christian Louboutin signature. 

The third and fourth design are the same except one is black and the other is nude. She does a matte top coat and then uses a dotting tool and Mega-Gloss to create the stud effect. 

Now for the last nail, Kirsty does something totally adventurous and uses actual studs for the nails. She uses a clear acrylic so the spiked studs will stick down and stay stuck and then she applies two more and at the tip she applies a small gem. 

These nails are to DIE for just like the shoes! check out the videos on YouTube! 

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Fast Infill Challenge

Ever wondered how fast it would take a nail tech to infill a set on acrylics? Well our very own Kirsty had set herself the challenge when one of her models came in with SIX WEEKS growth on her nails. 

But there is a twist, Kirsty also challenges you, that's right YOU to beat her timing. But the nails can't be lumpy and bumpy, they have to be nice, refined and smooth. 

So, first things first Kirsty has laid out everything she needs to use and all the products she is using are all from Naio Nails and she has her High Speed Liquid, dappen dish, Cutile Pusher, Nippers, Brush, Liquid, Powder, File, Gel Res, Cuticle Oil and Top Coat and the Electric File.

And most importantly, you need your timer. 

So firstly, Kirsty pushes the cuticles down and then electric files the gel polish off. She then uses a hand file to blend the acrylic into the natural nail, take the surface shine away off the natural nail and straighten up the edges. 

Next she cleans the nails up using Gel Res and then Primes and Dehydrates the nails. 

Now she can apply the product, she uses a beige polymer. After she applies the product, she then tidies up the free edge whilst the product is setting and then she will file the cuticle area. 

When filing the cuticle area, you MUST use a hand file and not a white block and after you have hand filed the cuticle area you can then use a white block. 

Clean the nails up using Acetone which will make them nice and smooth and then apply the top coat and cure it. 


After the top coat has been cured, pop some cuticle oil on and...


Full service infills
Use an LED lamp not UV. 

All products used in the video are available online and instore.  

Kirsty Doing Her Own Non-Dominant Hand with Acrylic and Glitter

Ever wondered ho nail techs do their own nails? You know how much of a struggle it is to do your own nails - especially the left hand (or right hand if your left handed). So imagine how HARD it is to do acrylics with your non dominant hand. In the video the very talented Kirsty shows you how she does it and she is using the incredible Naio Nails products.  

In the video, Kirsty uses some amazing glitters from the Stardust collection by Beauty Boulevard in Babylon Zoo and Supernova which can be used on your face, hair, skin and NAILS! She also uses Purple Reign from the Glitter Lips collection. These glitters are absolutely amazing and are so vividly bright. 

Next we see Kirsty prepping the nail using a Multi-function C-Curve Pinching Tool which is pretty awesome. It has THREE amazing uses in one easy to use accessory. So no more losing tools or swapping and changing tools all the time. Use the pinching tool to create the perfect C-Curve for your nails. On the opposite end of the multi-function tool is a cuticle pusher. Turn this over and use it as a scraper. Available in Steel or the very funky multi-coloured Titanium as seen in the video. She also uses a white 4 sided sanding buffing block, essential for the preparation of the natural nail when finishing and smoothing overlay. 

After prepping the nails, we see Kirsty putting clear tips onto her nails. The clear tips are perfect for creating acrylic nails. Kirsty then uses the pinching tool on the tips to give them the gorgeous curved edge and then cuts them down to size. She then primes twice and then uses High Speed Liquid and a gorgeous Natural Beige Acrylic Powder on the thumb and pinky fingers nail bed. She then files to smileline so its all level and symmetrical. 

Now for the really fun bit - GLITTER TIME!! For the first nail she applies a thin layer of clear nail polish so the glitter doesn't stain the nail. On this first nail she does a purple and green ombre using the Vivid Violet at the tip and brushing downwards and applying it thin and wet. The Vivid Violet has a super strong pigment. And for the other colour so we have an obmre, Kirsty uses the metallic
green and then encases it. For the next nail shes use some of the Stardust collection glitter in Supernova and Babylon Things. Then for the next nail she uses a glitter called Sea Gems and puts that along the contact area and she uses Passion Purple at the tip and uses a glitter called Sugar Plum Sparkle over the top. For the last two nails, Kirsty uses a Pure Clear Paws towards the smileline and Sea Gems at the tip. 

For the final bit, Kirsty uses a white block to finish and smooth the nails over and then uses the absolutely amazing Mega-Gloss to top the nails leaving them gorgeously sparkly and shiny. She then applies the Mirror Chrome to the ombre nails and this will look incredible as you will see then ombre more and then seals it over with the Mega-Gloss finish. 

All the products used in the video are available online or instore!