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Wednesday, 15 March 2017


We all know that Mother's Day is just around the corner, so if you are stuck on what to buy her then what better way to treat and pamper your mum to a set of beautiful mothers day inspired nails?! 

In the video Kirsty uses the Intense Pink Acrylic Powder to create two little love hearts and then covers the nail in Mega White Acrylic Powder. It doesn't matter if the Mega White goes over the little hearts, you can easy file over the Mega White to reveal the hearts. Then file and shape the nail. 

Now it's time for the nail art, Kirsty uses the gorgeous Urban Graffiti Gel Polishes in 
White - A0001
Light Green - F0548 - New Gel Polish coming soon
Pink - A0701
Sparkly - A0922

To make the cute little roses, Kirsty starts off by using the greens to make the little leaves and then uses the white and pink blobs in between the leaves and mixes them into each other. Kirsty repeats this on another nail and then cures the nails and uses the Urban Graffiti Top Coat on them. 

And how gorgeous are they?! Go on, treat your lovely mum to a even lovelier set of nails that she will be happy to show off. 

All products used can be found online and instore.