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Monday, 8 August 2016

Nail Shapes Explanation

Here we have a selection of videos to demonstrate the different acrylic nail shapes.

In this video we show you the ballerina, stiletto, competition nails and edge shaped nails.

Video Transcription

Hi, I'm Kirsty Meakin from Naio Nails, In this video I'm going to talk to you about shapes about nail shapes. All the different ones well, there is like, so many it's unbelievable I'm gonna, I've selected four shapes to show you ok so Ballerina is really popular at the minute some people call it a coffin shape, I think that's really bad I wouldn't call the shape a coffin, it's a bit morbid but I prefer the ballerina, it's like a ballerina slipper so it's like a block so with this shape you have a straight side wall so it runs straight out of the natural nail and comes straight out, ok? you have a lovely soft apex and then it tapers down, so this comes down this is straight so you can see from my diagram exactly what I mean this is the side view so this is your lovely little finger here, this is your side view and you have an itsy-bitsy teeny-weeny c-curve at the end it's very similar to a stiletto nail that's been lobbed off at the end so it's squared off I always say that they look like stilettos that have been lobbed off at the end they're great if you break a stiletto really good. If you break the end of your stiletto off, 'oh look at that, ballerina nail' so when you're looking at the over view, so the pan view of the nail drawn you a little diagram here so it's nice and flat here, so these come in and this is nice and flat it's going to taper from the widest point down to quite a thin point the longer this nail is, the more dramatic the shape's going to be so I'm going to show you now what it would look like on a shorter nail so if the nail was about here we probably take it to this shape so you still have a thin side wall coming in and then it's nice and flat at the front but it's not quite as thin as if it was longer the longer it is the thinner the end will be ok? It's just, that's how it works, it looks more pretty if it was even shorter it would come in here and then straight like that you know what looks really cool on this shape to do your smile line the same as the free edge by that I mean this, so I'll just colour this in and we colour all of this in I want you to sort of understand what I'm talking about, ok so imagine this is, I don't know, whatever colour you want it to be, purple or whatever, so imagine that free edge is that colour and then your smile line is the same shape as your free edge so you have this straight, straight and then straight at there so this would be a nice soft, you know, pink so you'll probably use natural beige or warm natural beige on this part here and then a nice colour there and it just exaggerates the shape and the style of this nail, which is super popular that's the ballerina nail I'm going to move on to my next nail and we have a competition square the competition square nail is slightly more exaggerated than a salon square nail so, you have, very straight side walls this point and this point are the same depth so all the way through here it will be the same depth same as that there, same as that there, same as that there until you get to the apex and then it's going to softly slope down and go flush into the cuticle. Nice and crisp and, no ledge or anything like that you've got a % c-curve which makes it super strong and super gorgeous and then you have a really deep smile line fair enough if you don't want a smile line, you want to do a full colour nail that's fine, but this is just a competition style square nail if you were doing it salon square, salon square would be a lot shorter maybe about there, and your smile line would be a little bit softer so it would appear like this the side walls are parallel when you look at the over view, so you're looking down on top of the nail parallel, running straight out of the side walls of the natural nail everything's very straight and very perfect when you do a competition style nail so that's your competition square and now we're going to do stiletto so a stiletto some people do stilettos really flat they look naff they still need to have a c-curve that runs underneath the nail really hard for me to draw that because I can't show you underneath the nail so underneath here will be a curve, this is not a flat nail flat nails will break, especially if they are stiletto you still have a nice apex, obviously I've exaggerated this a little bit for you so you can understand what I'm talking about it comes straight out of the side wall, it does not drop down it does not go up it's straight it comes sloping up to your apex and then it goes down to a very fine point when you have created this nail, or when you are creating this nail you will pinch this nail the form fit will be perfectly pinched the tip will be perfectly pinched and you will have that nice c-curve so, nicely pinched, not flat if it's flat, it will break and it'll look naff so a nice pinch to create a c-curve underneath the nail, so if you turned the nail over and looked at it you would see, oh thats a very nice curve under there, keeping it nice and strong and then the point will be very pointy some people in a salon, doing a salon stiletto nail would do, let me draw this for you a nail that comes in like this and instead of doing a really sharp point would just soften that point off just to make that a little bit more wearable for our ladies clients do actually have jobs and do things so they don't want to be stabbing people and piercing their own skin with the nails so we would just soften that off a little bit so, don't forget, with your stiletto, you still want a nice pinch to create a c-curve underneath the nail and don't forget straight out on the side walls, a nice soft apex that drops down that's the stiletto an edge nail I would say these were really popular last year and the year before I definitely think the ballerina has taken over the edge nail however, the edge nail is a beautiful nail it's quite difficult to do but it stretches your skills when you do it so have a go, because it really kicks you up the butt and makes you work hard so when we're talking about the edge nail, its going to come straight out of the side wall it's not going to drop, it's not going to go up or anything like that nice and straight clean lines and then you're going to have an apex so it's gently coming up in the back third of the nail and then its going straight the distance between here and here and here and here all the way to your apex will be the same so say, this will be one inch, one inch, one inch, obviously that would be a big nail it wouldn't be one inch, it would be more like, I don't know, mm or something but it needs to be the same all the way through an edge nail has a rooftop to it, so it has a point like this running down the nail so you can that in this little diagram here that I've done so it's flat here flat here, and that runs all the way down the nail and then softens off, so it goes soft, soft, soft and it's just round when you come to the apex, you're just going to soften that off and make it round also, when you're doing an edge nail it looks better if you do a chevron smile line so a nice pointy V and the V smile line, needs to be really, to make it look nice the same as the free edge so this shape here will be the same as this shape here so you've got straight parallel side walls when you look at the top view of it so when you look at the nail like this over the top you have got a straight parallel nail the spine of the edge nail runs in the middle of the nail so it's not going to be on one side or the other side or a bit skew-wif  or anything like that its going to run directly down the centre so you've got that spine that's really crisp running down the centre of the nail when you look at the nail down the barrel of the nail like this or like this to you it will look like this so that's what your c-curve will look like it will then become an upside down V so this is your spine and this will be the bottom of your side walls does that make sense? I hope so and that's the edge, I hope you understand that.