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Thursday, 19 May 2016

How to chose your perfect cover pink for acrylic nails?

Toffee Fudge
1) Always match the skin tone* of the client/person having the nails done:

Medium/Olive = Natural Beige or Warm Beige

Dark = Warm Beige or Toffee Fudge

Pale/Fair = Natural Beige or Baby Blossom
Baby Blossom
Baby Blossom

2) See if you have warm or cool undertones to your skin pigment, as this will effect how the colour acrylic you choose will look on your nails.

When you see yellow, orange, or olive undertones and veins that appear slightly greener than blue, you’re seeing indicators of warm undertones. Cool undertones will exude a bluish, purple, red, or pink sheen.

            Cool undertones = Pink colours

            Warm undertones =  Beige colours

*A trick is to look at the lightest part of their body. Where the veins meet along the inner wrist is the perfect place to reference. It’s also a great idea to compare skin tone to the person sitting next to you.

REMEMBER: What’s great about acrylic colours is that the rules are more forgiving than those for other beauty products. Nails are fairly removed from the face and they’re generally small canvases. Where certain colors when worn on the face, like eye shadow or lipstick, can make a person look sallow or tired, there’s a lot more freedom when it comes to nails!