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Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Egg and chick nail designs on an Almond Shape Nail.

πŸ₯3D Egg and Chick Nail ArtπŸ₯

We all know that Easter is just around the corner and Kirsty thought that this cute little 3D Egg and Chick nail nail design would be perfect for the occasion

In the video Kirsty uses the Urban Graffiti gel polish - A0497, she then applies one coat and cures it for 1 minute after it is cured she applies another coat but does not cure it straight away because she is going to add some Sunshine Sparkle Superfine Glittler. Kirsty says that in her world little chicks are glitter.✨After applying the glitter she then cures it for a minute.

Kirsty now uses some Warm Beige to create the egg shell, make sure you go up onto the glitter and then run it down. After doing that we get the end of our brush and we start creating random cracks in the shell. 

Since the shell of an egg is never once colour alone i am going to add some Porcelain, this is just to make it look like it is jumping up onto the little chick a bit more. Now we do the exact same thing for the top part and by the top part i mean the cuticle area. 

Now it is time to add some tiny little details to the chick to make it look more realistic. We are going to use some Polycolor Acrylic Paints. Kirsty starts of by using some black to create some googly eyes for the chick, after finishing with the eyes Kirsty makes a wash "Water down the acrylic paint". She starts using brown and feeds it into the cracks and then for the white Kirsty has a stippling sponge and just starts dabs on the nails this is to give the shell a more realistic look. 

Now for the finishes Kirsty uses brush on glue to seal the paint, we don't want the paint to wear of now do we. 

There you go you are now finished creating this amazing Egg and Chick nail design for Easter. 

Hope you all have a fantastic Easter.

🐣 πŸ€ πŸ₯

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