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Monday, 17 October 2016

Halloween 3D Acrylic Skull Designs - Naio Nails Tutorial

In this video,  Kirsty shows off some Halloween designs using acrylic to make 3D skulls, she does two different designs, using the same method.

This channel combines Kirsty Meakin's experience in the nail industry and Naio Nails fantastic product range which is nearly all available world wide.

We attempt to give you an entertaining look at the kind of techniques you can use as a nail technician of as someone just doing nails for yourself or even just for fun.

To complete this tutorial you will need the following products

Clear Acrylic Powder -
Sapphire Satin Acrylic Powder -
Mega White Acrylic Powder -
Naio Nials Mylar Collection -
Polycolor Acrylic Paint Collection -
Metallic Gold Acrylic Powder -
Primary Red Acrylic Powder -
Matte UV/LED Top Coat -
Caviar Microbead Collection -